Ann-Marie Allan

Seascape and coastal painter

I started painting after a medical career. I am influenced by the coast, the sea and particularly the Hebridean islands of Mull and Iona. My inspiration comes from the light and colours of the Hebrides. I now devote part of my time living on the Isle of Mull surrounded by sea and the elements.

My painterly response is to capture the atmosphere and spirit of the place, which is felt rather than reproduced. I paint ‘en plein air’, both completed paintings and studies for  larger works finished in the studio.

I use thick impasto and sand and other media to give a tactile quality and reflect light. I apply paint directly and energetically with knives, rags and hands, making varied marks and using a limited palette. I rarely use brushes.

An alchemy of colour, lively surface and light reveal the essence of sea and shore.

I am a member of the Birmingham Art Circle and exhibit regularly with the RBSA in the Prize, Open and Friends’ exhibitions. I also exhibit on the Isle of Mull.