Brigitte Thomas

Mixed media, painting and drawing

“Inspired by recent studies at Newlyn School of Art, especially James Hankey’s traces with light in his Layered Curiosities, my current practice involves superimposing drawing or painting over my own images. In the lower layer this maybe formed from my abstract paintings or photographs – perhaps  of entombed dried flowers or other organic or artificial matter. I then look for figures within those images, the way we may think we see a loved one in a crowd or shapes in the trees. You think you see them….  ”

Brigitte’s work has been called experimental, psychological, innovative and intuitive.

Brigitte was born in Solihull, lives in Leicestershire and has exhibited locally with Leicester Sketch Club, The Sock Gallery and Attenborough Arts. This year she is exhibiting with Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery and Chapel House, Cornwall.

Portrait commissions undertaken