Christine Marshall


For the past 4 years, Chris Marshall has gained so much knowledge and experience in her photography! Two delightful sojourns to France on photography courses have broadened her perception of composition, space, shapes and line, and it is those three factors which inspire her to capture landscapes and city scapes in a different way. A new camera has been a tremendous help, so the heavy Nikon D700 was exchanged for an Olympus OMD Windowless camera, together with broad angle and macro lenses. There is nothing better than to go into the stunning architecture of Grand Central Station complex, or underneath Spaghetti Junction which always inspires her to take “that extra shot”! 

Travel is always an inspiration, and recent trips to USA, Morocco and Italy have played their part in getting that “one off” image which tells a story and hopefully, delights the viewer. Chris is supported greatly by an excellent printer for her work,  and by an editing “guru” who has shown her how to bring out the best in her images, without going too far.